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Jai ho nepali movie 001

Cast: Arpan Thapa, Salon Basnet, Keki Adhikari, Nisha Adhikari, Maotse Gurung

Director: Tek Paurakhi Rai

Genre: Drama

Release Date: August 25, 2023

Duration: 2 hours 13 mins


Sajina is in her 20s and beside belonging to a wealthy family, she isn’t happy. Having parents always fighting with each other she never received proper care and love from them and so she always wishes to run away from everything. Sajina never has a proper goal in life and after a recent heartbreak she drunkenly decides to run away on this journey she happens to meet a couple traveling for their upcoming wedding with a cameraman ‘Jay’ who is also in his 20s and is full of life. On this journey, with the help of Jay, Sajina finds the meaning of love and care. Jay makes her smile again and helps her to be happy leaving the past behind. The excellent friendship soon starts to turn into something unique and they both go along with it not realizing themselves. The happiness soon takes a turn when Sajina’s ex-boyfriend, Ashok, returns looking for her. Conflict starts between Jay and Ashok which soon arises rivalry between them. Sajina has trouble with herself and this rivalry gets her caught in between them. Finally, a day comes when she has to choose between her past life and the new friends that she made on the way.


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