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Kechana- The Lowest Part of Nepal

Kechana, Kachankawal, Koshi, Nepal

Kechana lies in the southeastern part of the Jhapa district in Kachankawal Rural Municipality at 58 m above sea level. It is also the lowest part of Nepal; hence, the Rural Municipality is named after it.

Kechana or Kachankawal is declared as the lowest part of Nepal in 2044 BS. Similarly, in the same year Late King Birendra visited this place and named it as Kachankawal.

The park is being constructed to promote Kechana and a 16 feet tall pillar has been constructed which resembles the lowest part of Nepal.

Kechana covers an area of 4 bighas of land and bears a great possibility of both internal and external tourist attractions. it is 500 m north of the Nepal-India border and is submerged during monsoon season.

Two historical ponds, which are supposed to be built by King Birtat during Mahavarat time, add to the glory of this place.

Kechana is also included as one of the new tourist destinations among 200 new destinations throughout the country by the Government of Nepal to promote and develop new tourism possibilities.



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  • Govinda Rokka
    Govinda Rokka
    7 months ago

    Lowest place in Nepal from the sea level , located in Baniyani municipality which lies south from Birtamode ,Jhapa The place is too sunny & warm .

  • Manjeet Dhakal
    Manjeet Dhakal
    7 months ago

    Lowest point of Nepal on far East-South border. Most of the roads are build up. Can be reached on private vehicle, no public transport available.

  • Guru Ghimire
    Guru Ghimire
    a year ago

    Kechana Kawal At an elevation of 70 metres (230 ft) above sea level, it was declared the lowest point of Nepal previously

  • Sanjay Rajbanshi
    Sanjay Rajbanshi
    7 months ago

    Kechana Kawal (Nepali: केचना कवल) is a place located in Kachankawal Rural Municipality (previously, Kechana VDC) of Province No. 1 of Nepal. At an elevation of 70 metres (230 ft) above sea level, it was declared the lowest point of Nepal previously But according to new survey by the Government of Nepal in 2017 and some other institutions, Mukhiyapatti Musharniya of Dhanusha District at 59 metres has been declared the new lowest point of Nepal. On the other hand, Mount Everest, the highest point in Nepal and on Earth, is located in Khumjung of Solukhumbu District in the same province No. 1.

  • Sad Aath
    Sad Aath
    a month ago

    This place is called kechan kawal. This is the lowest place in nepal. It’s altitute is 60m above sea level. Good place to explore.

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