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Mahanagar-One Night in Kathmandu

Mahanagar-One Night in Kathmandu, a girl takes a man who is injured in an accident to the hospital nearby along with a boy who is a total stranger.

The girl, a frustrated poet, is a victim of depression that has plunged her into an uncommunicative state which prevents her from responding even to the kind gestures of the boy who barely knows her.

After years of constant struggle in the city, she will return to her village the following day. The boy, a tour guide from India, is on a trip to Kathmandu and will return in the morning. They leave separately from the hospital when the injured man’s relatives arrive but meet again unexpectedly.

Mananagar-One Night in Kathmandu premiered worldwide at Kolkata International Film Festival in 2021.

Its journey continued with screenings at international film festivals such as the Nepal America International Film Festival, Washington DC South Asian Film Festival, and Asian Film Festival in Barcelona, Spain.

It also marked its presence at the Pame International Film Festival and the Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF) in Nepal.

Cast: Karma, Menuka Pradhan

Director: Mohan Rai

Genre: Drama

Release Date: August 25, 2023

Duration: 1 hour 20 mins

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