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Pathibhara Devi Temple  (in Nepali: पाथिभरा देवी मन्दिर, in Limbu Mukkumlung) is one of the most significant temples in Nepal, located on the hill of Taplejung. It is also called Thulo Pathivara.

Thulo Pathivara is considered one of the holy places for the Nepalese people. Worshippers from different parts of Nepal and India visit the temple during special occasions, as it is believed that a Pilgrimage to the temple ensures the fulfillment of the pilgrims’ wishes.


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  • Sanjaya Thapa
    Sanjaya Thapa
    3 weeks ago

    One of the best religious place with great traking experience. Short and sweet distance for travel. I recommend everyone for visit once with your parents.

  • ncktmvlog
    a month ago

    A very famous pilgrims area of the province one of the Nepal. If you wanna go this place you go by bus/plane to TAPLEJUNG and from there walk 5 kilometers totally hillside walk.

  • Justin Karki
    Justin Karki
    5 months ago

    Goddess Pathibhara residing in the Pathibhara Temple is a holy pilgrimage of Hindus. Visited recently(early June) pre monsoon season. The path leading to the temple is completely stone paved. From Kaflepati (starting point of the trek), an elevation of 1000m+ needs to be completed to reach the holy temple. There are hotels in the middle(at Thulophedi) where you can spend the night and head upwards early in the morning. The destination(Pathibhara Temple) is so heavenly and surreal that all your pain and difficulties while walking would disappear.Preferable to visit in Summer and Spring (Chaitra, Baisakh, early Jestha, Asoj, Kartik). Since we visited Jestha end/pre monsoon time, we faced some difficulty due to light rain. Pathibhara Mata ko Jay.

  • Beebek Pokhrel
    Beebek Pokhrel
    8 months ago

    A very serene place in the lap of himalayas. You'll get addicted to this place if you get a chance to see this place in clear weather. It feels like there's some divine power of God in this place. But you will have to hike about 1.5 to 3 hours to get here depending on how fast you can move uphill.

  • Sadaath (sAd)
    Sadaath (sAd)
    7 months ago

    Famous holy place in the country. Taxis are available from Fungling Bazaar. Kafle Pati is the last station. Offroad ride. Hiking trail is available from kafle pati - thulo phedi - temple. Accommodation is available. Best for hiking along with praying. Himalayan range can be seen from the top. Covered with snow in winter. Elevation of the top is 3800m. Stay night in thulo phedi is recommended because of climatization. Takes around 2 hrs walking from kafle pati to thulo fedi. Tomorrow early in the morning, takes 2 hrs walking from thulo phedi to temple. Best time to sight himalayan range in the morning due to bad weather. Takes 2 hr to climb down to kafle pati. Best place to spend holidays.👍

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