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Postal Code of Kathmandu is 44600

Post OfficeKathmandu
Post Office TypeGPO
Postal Code44600
STD Code01
MunicipalityKathmandu Metropolitan City
ProvinceKathmandu Metropolitan City
Postal AddressPostmaster, General Post Office Dillibazar Kathmandu,
Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Kathmandu, Bagmati Province, Nepal (NP) 44600

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213 reviews
  • Puza Tamang
    Puza Tamang
    3 months ago

    If I could, I would have been this post office a minus ratings. Such corrupted government office I've ever had to face in terms of sending/receiving parcels. I sent a parcel to my family upto 6 kg with all tax, postage paid from sydney Australia. Arent they supposed to just deliver the parcel cause I've done all the payment here in sydney? Yet they call my brother (brother(receiver) and show all tax and vats and ask him to pay almost 80% of the what the parcel is worth???? And whats worse is, parcel are supposed to be packed when receiver receives it but they open it and ask to show around whats in the parcel when I had already declared it on the parcel with sticker on saying what items it includes. WOULD DEFINITELY NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE. YOU HAVE TO PAY 3 TIMES WHATEVER YOU SEND JUST FOR THEIR CORRUPTED HEAD TAX, VAT AND SO ON. People already pay too much on governmental tax and such. Very disappointed. will never use tgis service ever again. Such a disgrace as a public government office.

  • ferus habitus
    ferus habitus
    4 years ago

    They sure like to make things complicated. Why can't I pay at one place? First I need to fill form and declare what's in the parcel then I will have to pay custom tax in counter number 31 then I come back and find a guy for packaging .Then I have to go to counter number 32 to fill EMS form and pay money. I need to pay to 3 people just to send one parcel.Plus point: staffs I met were very friendly. Every one I encountered were helpful.Take photocopy of your ID if you are sending parcel/documents abroad.

  • Nischal Shrestha
    Nischal Shrestha
    4 years ago

    Situated near Sundhara, you can get here by Local vehicles, taxi or your own vehicles.Parking: Available for bikes(not sure for Cars) Bathroom: Available Wheel Chair Accessible Entrance: No Wheel Chair Accessible Bathroom: No Customer Service: ★★ out of 5 Reception: Yes(at the center of building)Run by government, So the building is typical Nepali Government office style(less light, scary, old government staffs).Every time I visit there I have to pay Rs. 20 for the form and I don't get any receipt for that(corruption maybe).

  • Prem Chandra (PCG)
    Prem Chandra (PCG)
    7 months ago

    This is one of the most terrible offices I've encountered. I bought some cosmetic products and ended up having to pay a whopping 60% in customs duty on top of the purchase price. We had no idea how much we were supposed to pay. For instance, if the total purchase price was Rs 760, I had to shell out Rs 461 just for customs duty. The website is completely outdated and lacks sufficient information about customs duties. I'm left wondering who's responsible for maintaining such an obsolete website.

  • binaya magar
    binaya magar
    8 months ago

    Worst experience ever. It used to be easy to get small package we didn't need to pay bhansar for small packages but now the process is very hard and long we need to go to multiple rooms and pay in bank get the stamp then again go back to room 9 and then room 20 again come back to room 9 again and line is poorly managed. Okay i am willing to pay bhansar but it took me more than an hour just to get this small package which used to take 5min few months ago. This place is progressing backwards and this is very sad. Some of the Employee are so slow they deserve the Guinness word record on slowest worker on earth. They are intentionally making the process longer and give people difficult time.Also we now have to open our package infront of the staff and explain them about our packages. They are making things hard as possible. Well done!

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