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Chandragadi Airport is a domestic Airport located in Bhadrapur Municipality Ward 8 Jhapa. Chandragadi Arport is also known as Bhadrapur Airport.

Chandragadi  Airport was established on November 1963. The surface of the runway is paved with asphalt and has a length of 5000 ft. With an elevation of 300 ft, it is 450 km away from Kathmandu. The IATA and ICAO codes for Bhadrapur Airport are BDP and VNCG respectively.

Currently, there are 16 flights from Chandragadi to Kathmandu and weekly flights between Chandragadi to Pokhara. Buddha Air, Yeti Air, and Shree Air are the major airlines flying to Bhadrapur.

Chandragadi Airport was upgraded in 2018 and now is capable of night flight landing and takeoff.

Chandragadi Airport is the entry point to famous destinations in the east including Kanyam, Antu Danda, Maipokhari, Shandakpur, Pathivara Temple Taplejung, and many more.

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  • Abhay Rawal
    Abhay Rawal
    a year ago

    Chandragadi airport really needs an upgrade. They dont even let you get inside airport before an hour of flight. Also, they don't have proper equipment of scanning bags i.e done by hand. So prepare to wait for half hour to get your bags checked.

  • Uzzal Nepal
    Uzzal Nepal
    a month ago

    Everything's fine but not the sound of the speaker that provides notices. It's audible but not clear, making the travellers confused about what the information is. It's like the passenger waiting in the hall is called for the enquiry and he/she won't be able to know that he is being called (temporarily deaf).

  • Apil Dhungel
    Apil Dhungel
    2 years ago

    Located in east southern Nepal, the airport serves for easy and rapid travel to east nepal from kathamndu and vice versa. The airport and all other facilities are okay. Good parking, hotels inside, decorated gardens, good restroom and medium waiting room. The security check is still quite manual which can bother us for delay so it needs to upgrade. The travelling time of ktm to bhadrapur is about 50-55 min.

    2 years ago

    Poor customer service and facilities From the police personnel at the main gate to the entrance to the building, the way they speak to the passengers could be notched up by far. We are no criminals yet. The airport had no canteen for snacks or refreshments inside the terminal whatsoever - that was shocking. Plus for smoker, there is no smoking zone. Out of all, most importantly plane was clearly delayed yet we had been given no update whatsoever. Im writing this at 14:39 hrs while waiting for my flight that was supposed to be at 14:25 according to the ticket.My overall first experience in this airport has been disappointing to say the least.

  • Angbuhang Chhangchha

    Many things are changed here. Nice place nice decorations.

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