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Kanyam is a tourist destination in Illam District of Nepal. It lies in Suryodaya Municipality in Illam District in the Province No. 1 of eastern Nepal. Kanyam is known for its green tea garden and picnic spots. The first foundation is planted by Late King Birendra with the long-term vision in tea sector. Kanyam is also known as “queen of the eastern Nepal” due to its natural environment and gateway to the famous sunrise point Shree Antu.

Tea Garden at Kanyam
Tea Garden at Kanyam

Geographical Overview of Kanyam:

It is located around 6000 ft from sea level, Kanyam tea gardens covers approx. 240 hectares of out of which 200 hectares is used for tea plantation and it produces around 125kg of teas with great flavor.

Famous Love Danda (Love Peak)
Famous Love Danda (Love Peak)

People & Culture of Kanyam:

Population of Kanyam is around 5,499 and the major ethnic groups living here include Brahmins and Chettri’s, Magar’s, Gurung’s, Rai’s, Limbu’s, and Sherpa’s. Kanyam is a hilly region with farmers as main inhabitants along with some businessmen, officials, and government employees.

Beautiful Road and road side shop stalls.
Beautiful Road and road side shop stalls.

Major Attraction of Kanyam:

Tea Garden:

Kanyam Illam is the pocket zone of Himalayan tea, which is exported overseas, Kanyam tea gardens covers approx. 240 hectares, and it produces around 125kg of teas with great flavor. Kanyam is known for teas, it exports different flavor of teas not only on national level but also internationally. While you are in Kanyam, you must try tea there it will leave its taste forever in your heart and soul.

Tea Garden at Kanyam
Tea Garden at Kanyam

Mesmerizing Natural beauty

Kanyam is known for its natural beauty, it’s called Queen of eastern Nepal for a reason, Tea Garden and the pine trees have covered the hills and the view is breath taking, also its chilled foggy weather is like a cherry on the cake which provides heavenly view which amazes everyone. Because of its Beauty it attracts the tourists from different parts of the country and also outside of the country.

Famous Kanyam Landmark Point
Famous Kanyam Landmark Point

Horse Riding

Kanyam has a Horse-riding community which exist to serve the tourists who wants to take a tour of beautiful tea gardens on the horse. You can explore the beauty of Kanyam riding on the horse.

Spectacular Sunrise as well as Sunset

Kanyam is gifted with natural beauty, A majestic view of sunrise over tea garden, and the sunset under the tea garden of Kanyam is to die for. You shouldn’t miss the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset while staying in Kanyam.

Beautiful Night view at Kanyam
Beautiful Night view at Kanyam

Things to do in Kanyam

  • Horse Riding
  • Explore Tea Gardens & Tea factories
  • Picnics and tours
  • Rent cultural dress and click pictures on it.
  • Site seeing
  • Seeing the tea plants being processed

How to Reach Kanyam

If we start our journey from Birtamode, it is 45.8 km which takes 1 hour 31 mins approx.

Route: – Birtamode to Charali 8 km; 16 min to Kanyam 37.8 km; 1 hour 15 min.

View form Kanyam
View form Kanyam

Kanyam is a beautiful place full of hills covered with tea garden and pine trees, its chilling weather makes it more beautiful and center of attraction. Kanyam is the go-to escape place for eastern people specially in summer. People visit Kanyam to escape the heat and to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

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Google Reviews

3,037 reviews
  • Aadarsha Shrestha
    Aadarsha Shrestha
    3 months ago

    Indulge yourself in the scenic beauty of the tea-estate covered hills and get braced by the shiny Himalayas if the weather is clear. Always a pleasant view to enjoy here. Create memories in traditional attire, horse walks and more.

  • Manish Siddhartha
    Manish Siddhartha
    7 months ago

    It's very truly said, the queen of Eastern Nepal. This is one of the loveliest places that you can visit in East side of Nepal. The valley view is breathtaking, the tea gardens are beautiful and the moving clouds give this a surreal feeling. The beauty of the place is much beyond the words can express. The road from Itahari to Kanyam is one of the most beautiful road trips that you can enjoy. Very lovely place to visit with your friends and family. Take a road trip during daytime, you will enjoy the mountains more.

  • bikash panta
    bikash panta
    6 months ago

    This is actually a place from where you can seen the view of hills and tea states. Weathers in here is chilled. Lots of foggy. Fog’s come and goes. You can rent a traditional cloth and take a photo. If you want to ride a horse, you can rent in here. Main things is you can go inside a tea state and take a photo. Mainly this is a cue point on the way to ilam. If you like nature and mesmerizing view you have to go in here. For more information please go through the photo I have uploaded. Enjoy!!!

  • Etienne C.
    Etienne C.
    10 months ago

    Best place to enjoy the tea plantations in Ilam region. You can enjoy your time here walking along the tea gardens. Strongly suggest to stay overnight here, there's many accommodation around.

  • Suresh
    5 months ago

    Natural beauty 💞. Perfect place to visit. We can ride horses here. (Paid) Visibility was not clear when I was there. This is common in monsoon season. The place is crowdy. We can get cultural dress🥻 for NPR. 100 for 30 minutes. Some clothes were stinky and old.

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