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Sadhutar- a Majestic Blue Pond in Ranitar Panchthar

Phidim-8, Ranitar Panhther Nepal

Sadhutar- a majestic blue pond in Ranitar Panchthar surrounded by the bare hills is the perfect place to enjoy the holidays with friends, family, and relatives and loved ones. The alluring view of Kanchenjunga and Kumbhakarna makes the place even Aesthetic. Tourist especially youngsters these days have started travelling Sadhutar to spend their holidays and unwind.

Geographical Overview of Sadhutar:

Sadhutar is in Phidim 8, Panchthar district, province no.1; few km away from Pauwa Bhanjyang. It Is 8,300 ft from sea level. The pond hasn’t been named yet, so it is known with the same of this place i.e., Sadhutar.

Major Attraction of Sadhutar:

Majestic view of Kanchenjunga and Kumbhakarna Mountain

The alluring view of Kanchenjunga and Kumbhakarna is so mesmerizing. It feels like when you see up you will see tall mountains standing right in-front of you and when you look down you see those mountains lying on the lap of beautiful pond; this view is to die for.

Beautiful pond surrounded by pine trees

This pond is surrounded by open land and pine trees which looks pretty amazing. The view there is so amazing that people are obsessed with taking pictures and making videos. As per locals many music videos have been shot there.


Sadhutar is 8300 ft from sea level, so the weather here is very chilling. During Summer, where the sun heat is at its peak, domestic tourists here to beat the heat. Sadhutar is the perfect escape during Summer. Those who love snow tend to visit Sadhutar during winter so they can have a mesmerizing view of the hills, pine trees and pond covered with snow.

Perfect place for vacation

The pine trees compose beautiful music with the fresh breeze. Capturing photos of the beautiful serene and having snacks under the warm sun by the side of pond in Sadhutar offers different kind of pleasure to human soul. We can observe spectacular and vast expense of different cool Misty hill. You can enjoy the Sadhutar beauty and its peaceful ambiance with your loved ones.

Things to do in Sadhutar

  • Explore the view
  • Picnic
  • Photoshoot & Video shoot
  • Explore the mountains like Kanchenjunga and Kumbhakarna
  • Escape the heat in summer and enjoy the view of snowfall in winters.

How to Reach Sadhutar

If we start our journey from Birtamode then we need to travel for around 182km that is around 5 hours in Mechi highway to reach Panchthar; after that we need to move forward leaving Mechi highway towards 15km that is around 45 mins then we need to trek for an hour to reach Sadhutar.

Route: – Birtamode < Panchthar < Pauwa Bhanjyang < Sadhutar.

The locals said though the pond had been there for many years, it became well-known after the Department of Water Supply deposited water in the pond. As per the locals, the area was getting promoted through the photos uploaded on social media platforms by the visitors. For enjoying in peaceful nature and cool weather you must visit Sadhutar once in your life. Many visitors claimed that Sadhutar is very pleasant and enjoyable place. And we assure that you will fall in love with Sadhutar.


Google Reviews

161 reviews
  • S.L
    9 months ago

    A 30 minute walk uphill through a narrow path, leads to a beautiful destination, Sadhutar. There's a lake admist the green scenery. However, the lake was not clean, stank and housed a lot of insects and frogs. Don't visit in rainy season, as the fog blocks the view and the slippery trail can be dangerous.

  • D.K Daniel Limbu
    D.K Daniel Limbu
    3 months ago

    But still tourist friendly is dream, no facility of shades, benches, gòod restuarants , cabins, rough road to reach there but nature good! Beautiful.

  • Raja Ram Parajuli
    Raja Ram Parajuli
    5 months ago

    Beautiful. This place is so peace and nice.

  • Jiwan Indra
    Jiwan Indra
    3 weeks ago

    #Sadhutar Open and large flat land created by nature on the top of the hill, cool and cold air blowing continuously all the time, beautiful Pine garden here which is not found anywhere else, the rows of Himalayas (shining like silver), standing in same position for day and night on the north side. all of these makes me believe that, "The beauty of nature is somehow immortal, infinite and eternal. The beauty around us is a perfect reflection of the art of Nature Almighty. Natural beauty may be extinct at the moment, but as “the joy of beauty is eternal happiness”, so the effect of that beauty on the mind can never be in vain."

  • Gaule
    3 months ago

    Had to ride for half hr uphill to reach there. But the view after i reach there made me forget everything. Place is so clean beautiful and gorgeous etc etc. One pond and big field and you can see mountains and hill from there that will blow you mind. Eating place is also available there and you can have picnic too. Had to ask for the way with so many people coz way is too confusing. THANK YOU GUYS HAVE FUN 😊

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