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Timbung Pokhari (तिमबुन्ग पोखरी) a fresh water lake located at the altitude of 4335m lies on the border of Taplejung’s Sindingwa Rural Municipality and Panchthar’s Yangwarak Rural Municipality, province no.1. Timbung Pokhari is also well-known as Bishnu Pokhari. Timbung Pokhari is famous for its religious beliefs and attracts Hindu as well as Buddhist pilgrims for Nepal and India.

Timbung Pokhari
Timbung Pokhari (Pic: Kewal Sapkota)

Geographical Overview of Timbung Pokhari:

Timbung Pokhari lies at an altitude of 4335-meter above sea level. It has been spread up in the area of 466m in length and 154m in width.

Weather of Timbung Pokhari:

Timbung Pokhari is covered in snow for six months so, the weather hear is extremely cold throughout the year. If you are planning for a trek you should be loaded with warm clothes. Similarly, raincoat is mandatory for travelers as there is always a chance for rain, hair storm and even snowfall during winters.

Cattle Shed at Timbung Pokhari
Cattle Shed (Goth) Pic: Kewal Sapkota

Tales & Beliefs about Timbung Pokhari:

Timbung Pokhari is named after the Limbu word Timbuk. Symbolically Timbuk means gunshot for the sinners like an explosion in the Limbu language.

It is also believed that the lake explodes if there is any bad incident like death or big loss about to take place. So local gives the name Timbuk to the lake which over time got modified into Timbung. It is believed that if someone comes with good intentions their wishes come true.

Locals also believe that bad things happen to the visitors if they have sin, greed, and jealousy on their conscience. The locals believe that the magpies around the area clean the pond on a regular basis. They also add that things that are in the pond or are being offered to the pond shouldn’t be taken away.

Timbung Pokhari 1
Timbung Pokhari (Pic: Kewal Sapkota)

According to the local people around Timbung Pokhari, it is said few years ago a British investigative team had come to the lake for investigation. During the investigation, they saw a golden ox and cow on the lake. We can still see a golden apparition in the water of Timbung Pokhari.

Then they tried to drain the lake to take the cow and ox. But their workers died while digging an opening because of the supernatural power of Timbung Pokhari. We can still see the tombs of the dead workers near Timbung Pokhari. Therefore, every year lots of Nepali and Indian pilgrimage came to worship the supernatural power of Timbung Pokhari.

Major Attraction of Timbung Pokhari:

Religious Value

It is believed that by offering a puja in this pure pond, wishes of pilgrims come true along with their lives being filled with peace and happiness. Pilgrims gather around the pond, especially during the month of Shrawan (July-August) and during festivals like Janai Purnima and Nag Panchami.

Locals also believe that bad things happen to the visitors if they have sin, greed, and jealousy on their conscience.

Flora and Fauna:

The area around the pond is home to various rare flora and fauna and is also known as the capital of herbs. Valuable herbs like bikham, kutki, padmachal, jatamasi, panchaule and yarsagumba can be found in the area along with aromatic herbs like sunpati, bhairungpani and sikpale.

The place is also home to animals like Himalayan monal, Himalayan blue sheep, Himalayan goral, bear, snow leopard, musk deer, red panda and many more.

Jungle at Timbung Pokhari
Flora and Fauna on the way to Timbung Pokhari (Pic: Kewal Sapkota)

Majestic view

The majestic view of wide range of Kanchenjunga which is 466m in length and 154 m in width can be seen from this place, we can also view kumbakarna mountain, Sikkim, Darjeeling and other places in India. Also, the lake is covered with white snow, probably in every season which is heavenly beautiful. When you reach the Pokhari it is like similar like how heaven has been described.

View form Timbung Pokhari
Majestic view on the way to Timbung Pokhari (Pic: Kewal Sapkota)


There is a saying that Magical view is always after the hardest climb, so for those travelers who loves trekking this is the perfect place for them. We can trek from Betaini to Timbung Pokhari exploring the beautiful villages and the Cultures and great hospitality of local peoples. After the trek when we finally reach Timbung Pokhari it feels like we’ve reached the heaven.

Things to do in Timbung Pokhari:

  • Trekking
  • Explore the Cultural diversity of eastern Nepal
  • Explore rare flora and fauna
  • Explore the close view of mountains like Kanchanjung, Kumbakarna Mountain
  • Explore dozens of ponds, including Handi Pokhari, Tawa Pokhari, Laxmi Pokhari, Dudh Pokhari, Mayur Pokhari and Neer Pokhari around Timbung Pokhari.
  • Take a view of Bichitra Dhunga – 80 paila (Acc to locals it is believed that this is the place where God and Goddesses used to play and they split form here, there are many footprints of different animals and birds in the stones as per the local people.)
  • Visit nearby temples like Sano Pathivara, Sidingma dham, Gosaikunda and so on.
View form Timbung Pokhari
Majestic view on the way to Timbung Pokhari (Pic: Kewal Sapkota)

When to visit Timbung Pokhari

The perfect time to visit the Timbung Pokhari is between March – October and in Mid-July – August. In this period of time, sight seekers get a chance to explore the natural biodiversity, scenic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Pokhari itself in a more close-up look.

How to Reach Timbung Pokhari:

If we start our journey form Birtamode then we need to travel for 171 km around 6 hour 30 mins, then we need to travel for around to reach betaine, after that we need to trek for around 4-5 hour to reach kalikhola Gau (we can stay overnight there), From kalikhola gau we need to trek for around 2-4 hour to reach Timbung Pokhari.

Birtamode, Jhapa > Tharpu, Panchthar > Betaini > Kali Khola, Taplejung > Bikhechaur, Taplejung > Timbung Pokhari.

If you plan to visit Timbung Pokhari, following contacts will be helpful to manage your stay and other services:

  • Dilli Raman Oli : 9852689921, 9815008500
  • Durga Baniya : 9844656747
  • Khadak Bhandari : 9741404608
  • Prakash Rai : 9742638771
Yak Chrupi at Cattle Shed 1
Yak Hard Cheese (Churpi) prepared at Cattle Shed at Timbung Pokhari (Pic: Kewal Sapkota)

The local government is now working at promoting the place hosting various fairs in the area, as they have realized the potentiality of the Timbung Pokhari.

Timbung Pokhari has also been featured on the list of 100 new tourism destinations by the federal government. We would like to suggest all nature lovers and religious people experience the beauty of Timbung Pokhari.

Attractive scene of blue water of the pond, taller hills, and shining mountains are Incredibly beautiful and is to die for.

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Google Reviews

21 reviews
  • Rajkumar Bk
    Rajkumar Bk
    4 months ago

    Timbung pokhari is a place where living heaven is seen and my best experience till now is from Timbung Pokhari and another thing, if you can ride with fun, then you will have the best experience of life Timbung Pokhari should be born once in life before dying

  • laxu niroula
    laxu niroula
    7 months ago

    Timbu pokhari a place must to visit Taplejung Bordering Taplejung n panchthar Timbu pokhari is a Tourist Destination popularity .trekkers enjoy mesmerizing Scenes of the pound N Virgin landscape of the places. Where you can see freezing pond .

  • RoHaN RaI
    RoHaN RaI
    4 years ago

    Timbu the mystical place where we can see wonderful view and scene. We reached there by walking 2 days from Beteni Panchthar. There is no hotel and lodge but you can get small cottage and home to sit. I love this place cause this place have ancient power that we can see in Timbu Pokhari. So Guys visit this place and Promote it.

  • Jitan Dahal
    Jitan Dahal
    4 years ago

    We were trekking from the Chiya Bhanjyang side and moving up and ahead, ultimately from the south end we saw the frozen water body Timbu Pokhari. A temple in the west, peaks on the east and North. It is one of the interesting places I've been. Its gaining its popularity among national and international tourists. The beautiful landscapes and the mountains makes you happier and integrated into the nature.

  • Keshab Bhattarai
    Keshab Bhattarai
    5 years ago

    It lies east of Taplejung. We can arrive their after walking 3 days from Taplejung. There isn't any hotels for fooding or lodging. There are some cottage for take rest. This place is fully cover by snow (november to april) kartik to baishak. It is the holi place of shiva. We can enjoy with different kind of animal like muskdeer, redpanda, etc. We can see many pound like couple pound, duck pound, etc. There is different kind of medicinal herb like पदमचाल, जटामसि, पाँच अाैले, कुडकि, अादि। we must arrive this place once in our life.

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Rating 4.0
  • Kewal Sapkota
    August 24, 2022 at 6:54 am

    It was one of the most memorable trekking in my life. The breathtaking views on the journey and the beauty of lake itself are still in my mind. Thanks for reminding me one of my greatest experience.

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